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Do You Need a Lawyer with Knowledge and Experience in College Disciplinary Processes?

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The disciplinary process in colleges and universities can be overwhelming for those who have to go through it. Students could be suspended or expelled from school. The majority of colleges let students seek guidance from an education lawyer for misconduct who can give them advice as to how the process works and what can be done to increase their chances of achieving positive results. 

The disciplinary process is unique and different from a court hearing. It involves several rules, processes, and standards of proof. In some instances, students will work with a defense lawyer to assist them during a disciplinary hearing. While criminal defense lawyer may be skilled in criminal cases, this doesn’t mean they understand how the college process works. This is the reason students facing disciplinary proceedings should hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the school disciplinary process. 

An Education Attorney Can Serve as an Adviser

In the disciplinary process, an education attorney plays a role that’s different from a lawyer who argues for their client before a judge. Various rules apply and the right attorney knows all of these and how they can be used in the defense of their client. The attorney can advise the student if they can challenge the way the school applies its rules and policies that influence their decision against the student.

Court Rules Don’t Apply in Disciplinary Hearings

Disciplinary hearings have specific rules that are not related to the rules of the court. Basic due process applies in educational settings. To ensure the student gets an effective defense, they need to hire an attorney who’s familiar with such rules and the way they work. The standard of proof is also different in the majority of cases. The standard used in the preponderance of the evidence. Meanwhile, the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard is used in criminal cases. 

Disciplinary Proceedings are Handled by Disciplinary Committees

Committees or panels conduct most disciplinary hearings. Student defendants will appear before these group and present their cases to them. Only lawyers who have extensive experience in college disciplinary processes understand what works and what doesn’t before such kinds of hearings. 

If you are a student who is facing disciplinary proceedings, you need an attorney with experience in the type of violation you have allegedly committed. The expertise of this lawyer will give you the best chance to prevail in your case, protecting your academic and future professional life. 

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