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Are Boxing Gloves Safer than MMA Gloves?

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What are the key differences between Boxing Gloves and MMA Gloves, and which of the two are safer?

What are the biggest differences between an MMA glove and a Boxing Glove? The differences are clear, even to those who are not experts in the areas of either sport. The main reason for this is that each glove is designed with completely different applications in mind.

Boxing gloves are designed to give the wearer protection for their hands. They are completely closed off, covering the entirety of the boxer’s mitts.

MMA gloves, on the other hand, are designed closer to fingerless gloves. Fighters will use a wide range of fighting techniques which require having free fingers to allow fighters to strike and grab their opponents while still protecting their hands.

Which of the two are safer?

If you consider the design aspect and the protection of the entire hand, without exposing the fingers, it could be argued that Boxing gloves are safer than MMA gloves. However, that doesn’t mean that they are better. The job of both gloves is to protect fighters’ hands and faces from damage associated with fighting such as lacerations. However, while Boxing gloves may typically work to protect both the wearer and the person being struck more efficiently than MMA gloves, they don’t do a great job at proving protection against serious head injuries or trauma associated with being struck.

Both gloves work to provide better protection than bare-knuckle fighting but won’t do much to protect against trauma and life-threatening conditions. Wearing gloves poses the risk of fighters not knowing how hard they are hitting a competitor, which is the main reason people question their safety- the fact that gloves can cause unintentional damage during a fight. In fact, people taking part in the sport can potentially hit much harder than if they were to fight without wearing gloves which could pose a safety concern.

So the answer to the question of which ones are safer is a little more complex. Which is better for the wearer? Either. Which is safer for those being struck? Possibly neither of them if none are used correctly and mindfully considering the opponent.

Are Boxing Gloves Better Than MMA Gloves for Fighting?

So after working out what the difference is between the two and which could be considered safer, you might now be wondering which of these two types are best for sports overall?

The answer to that is that wither would be best for the sport in which they were intended and the level in which you’d like to go beyond simple practice.

Both gloves are equally good for their intended practice. So, if you prefer MMA sports, then MMA gloves would be better for you as they are more suited to combat. However, boxing gloves are significantly better for boxing and such sports due to the precision needed to practice safely.

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