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5 Ways to Improve your Tennis Game

5 Ways to Improve your Tennis Game

It is no secret that the more you do something, the better you get at it. Playing tennis is no exception. To improve your skills, you must first understand why you are doing it and what goal you would like to achieve.

With tennis, you can get fit and burn some fat while you’re at it. It is also a great social sport.  For you to achieve your set goals, you need to be alert when playing the game. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, constant improvement is crucial. Below we will cover 5 important tips you can use to better your tennis game.

Practice with a Tennis Ball Machine

A great replacement for expert players is a tennis ball machine. You can comfortably use this machine at home or at the park. It is a great way to spend time with your friends and family, all while getting your workout in. This applies to individuals of all age groups. 

Also, the tennis machine is useful for both novice and professional players. The machine isn’t bias against performance levels. This is a great perk for all players. It has features that are in-built that allows players to adjust settings according to their preference.

Using a tennis ball machine is a great way to improve endurance stamina and performance. Having the right skills is required when playing, but without endurance you may be incapable of taking your opponent. The machine is designed in manner that is meant to prolong your drilling time, which ends up challenging you. This preps you for the actual game.

Restring your Racquet Regularly says regularly restringing your racquet is vital for your game. Unfortunately, tennis strings tend to lose tension often. This begins when they are placed in the racquet and continues every time you hit a ball. The more the string stretches, the longer the ball stays on the string. Eventually, the ball goes wider or longer when hit.

You may feel as if the racquet is losing its punch when in the real sense this isn’t true because it’s going further and faster. What is actually happening, is you lose the crisp feeling you were initially used to. 

When you fail to restring your racquet often, you will waste time compensating for the changing tension in your string. This time could have been otherwise used improving your tennis game. Consistent is crucial particularly with your racquet. You should strive to use one that you are accustomed to.

Playing in a League or Group

The first move you should consider is joining a league or a tennis group. Doing this will expose you to different players with different experience levels and skill sets. This will assist in not only improve your game, but it will also unmask your weak points. Playing opponents who are better than you will show you what your weakness and strengths are. 

Simply sitting on the sidelines will be helpful. While you are watching and cheering your opponents you can also take this time to learn. You can observe the different moves on the court and apply them to your game. 

Additionally, by joining a league you spend a lot of time on the court. You have easy access to hitting partners. Leagues tend to have specific days of the week when they meet up and play. This also ensures you are consistent. 

Practice your Serve

Learning to serve in tennis can be difficult especially for beginners. Even if you are a beginner using a beginner racquet, your serve is one of the most important parts of your game.  However, it is a shot you want to work on because it is rewarding. Mastering it puts you at an advantage over those you play against. Of all the shots, serving is the only one where you can control the execution and timing. 

Having good serves allows you to shorten the points. By hitting a powerful serve, your opponent will have a difficult time returning it. This technique will in turn reward you with shorter points. Additionally, the shorter points will ensure you are well rested as opposed to being fatigued by trying to score.

If your serve technique is weak, then this put you at a disadvantage. This is because if you’re not hitting powder-puff serves, you will be double faulting when in tight situations. As a result your opponent will pounce on these serves. With a well-practiced technique, you have nothing to worry about.

Working out

You may master as many tennis shots as possible, but without proper fitness, you are likely to be disappointed. You may walk out of a game having lost and feeling confused, when it was all because you didn’t set aside time for a proper work out. 

Fitness such as anaerobic is necessary for flexibility, power and being able to sprint. Fitness ensures you comfortably compete against your opponents and enjoy the game at the same time. Without proper work out, your focus levels are likely to drop. Once your focus drops, so does your game.

To avoid injuries, proper work out is also crucial. Being fatigued, lacking flexibility and strength can all result to injury when playing. Being fit, on the other hand, gives you a competitive edge over your opponents.

A good place to start is warming up before playing and cooling down once a match is over. Your muscles can tell when your body is not prepared to play. You should therefore make the effort to ensure your conditioning is right. As you work out, remember to hydrate regularly to avoid passing out.

Final Thoughts 

An improved tennis game takes time. However, you can set goals that will ultimately improve your overall performance. Failure to see change in a few days shouldn’t discourage you from going on. Keep persisting and make practice part of your routine.

Stay curious and constantly research on the different ways to score. This will be an additional boost for when you’re practicing. Once you learn your strengths and weaknesses, you will have the chance to further enhance your skills.


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