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Importance of Science and Mathematics in Education

Importance of Science and Mathematics in Education

Science is one of the topics that we study in education to help us understand why we do things exactly the way we do. These activities can be used to answer questions like what causes the sun to rise in the east every day, what occurs after we swallow nutrition, etc. 

The primary learning place is still the school for every child. Even though, their social and academic development will expand beyond the class, allowing them to develop and achieve maximum potential. For instance, we can motivate students to learn science and maths subjects by addressing them with informative physics questions, holding curriculum assignments, etc.

History Of Science

Science is a practical and intellectual practice that involves the comprehensive observation and experimentation of the nature and actions of all physical and natural objects and phenomena. Simply put, science is the study of nature. Science can be characterized as the study of natural phenomena through identification, observation, description, experimental study, and theoretical study.

  • The study of the evolution of science and scientific understanding, in both social and natural sciences, is known as science history. 
  • A scientist explores science to gain insight in terms of understanding the natural world using scientific methods. 
  • William Whewell invented the word “scientist” in the nineteenth century.
  • Galileo, also regarded as the Father of Modern Physics, played a role in this revolution by justifying physical ideas via his experiments. 
  • These ideas eventually became the most important aspect of the scientific approach. 
  • William Gilbert proved that the Earth is magnetic by numerous experiments of magnetism and electricity.
  • By the end of the twentieth century, science analysis had become professionalized and institutionalized—the scientific revolution, which accelerated the growth of knowledge. 
  • Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Biology, Astronomy, Medicine & Genetics, Ecology and Social Sciences, and so on evolved.

List of few famous scientists

A scientist is someone who studies the universe’s existence. An investigator, on the other side, is somebody who seeks to develop valuable devices and products. The following is a list of a few well-known scientists and their inventions.

Serial. No Scientists Inventions
1 Ernest Rutherford Discovery of protons and hypothesized the existence of the neutron.
2 John Dalton Theory on atoms
3 James Chadwick Discovery of the neutron
4 Isaac Newton Three laws of motion
5 Charles-Augustin de Coulomb Coulomb’s law
6 Georg Simon Ohm Ohm’s Law
7 Michael Faraday Discovery of Electromagnetic Induction, Benzene also Faraday’s Laws of Electrolysis
8 Thomas Edison Invented the carbon rheostat, incandescent light,  fluorescent electric lamp, etc
9 Albert Einstein Photon


Importance of maths

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects. It is a subject that deals with numbers, shapes, details, calculations, and logic. It has a wide range of applications in various fields such as engineering, medicine, banking, natural science, and economics. We are all living in a mathematical universe.

Mathematics is a logic-based topic. Students can improve their problem-solving and logical reasoning skills by studying mathematics. Among the most beneficial brain activities is answering maths problems. We may encourage students to learn maths by asking maths questions in class, assigning maths assignments, and so on.


Being good at science and mathematics builds confidence and encourages educational experiences to grow. Awareness would not evolve as rapidly without science and maths and we will be less exposed to new ideas and people as a result.


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