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Top 10 advantages of IPL fantasy cricket League

5 tips to select the best team to win Fantasy Cricket 1

We all are fond of games and especially when the cricket matches are around the corner, we get crazy the world gets crazy for it from every person who is fond of cricket. Speaking about cricket the Indian Premier League a professional twenty20 cricket match that is contested between eight teams and eight from different cities.It was started around 2007 and the world went crazy for it. Since we all know we can we all cannot participate in it,we all cannot own the teams in it now there is a new update around the world that is making people crazy that is IPL fantasy league which is a virtual game that means it is play it on your mobile laptopit is a digital game.In this participants show their creativeness by creating their own team’s, they can select their players. Even in this digital game, virtual currency is being used. 

Moreover, as we talk about IPL fantasy it means that it can fulfil your desires of not owning a team sometimes your players are in your opposite favourite teams or your team is not having your favourite players so we all have some issues with this.So there is numerous app for IPL fantasy league that offers us to fulfil our desires with the same. In this game, the actual players of varying IPL teams are given virtual currency value.But there are restrictions over foreign players in this virtual game but even if teams are made they are allowed to make minimal changes during the tournaments. In addition to this, also the participants of the virtual game assemble points based upon the performance of the players in their teams these include all features such as scoring runs, holding catches, taking wicket etc. In the end, the participants have a real chance to win real prizes or money based on their collective scores during the tournament.

Now many people would be thinking that this game acquires a good amount of money to register but to play and to enjoy this IPL fantasy one just need to register with the official fantasy pages though it is just free of cost. Eventually, the other step is to choose the team and your username and then you all are set to own an IPL team.The rest of the basic format is the same that IPL auctions are going to held in the virtual game as well as a budget is given to the person. Moreover, each player is assigned a value that would be eventually be deducted from the total of your budget. Since there are certain restrictions of adding some players which are rules of the IPL fantasy league.

Some people will also be thinking why to play a virtual game when we can watch the real matches with the actual players and what is happening in the actual life but there are numerous benefits of playing the virtual IPL fantasy cricket league and some of them are given below:

1) These types of virtual games are just what you desire and this helps you to learn new opportunities and fulfil your desires.

2) Many people are so much in the work that they have forgotten about the leisure, so these types of virtual games gives you refreshing energy and freedom from your hectic schedule.

3) IPL fantasy allows you to enhance your skills of making it better at decision making such as deciding players for your particular team.

4) Fantasy sports are to fulfil your desire which might not be possible due to some reasons in the actual life.

5)  Virtual games which you are awarding you with rewards or even money sometimes is really refreshing and earning too.

6) Some people also confuse this IPL fantasy league as betting but it is a real game that is law-abiding people should not misinterpret it with betting.

7) Moreover it also helps you to enhance your social circle it helps you to make new friends around the corner of the world.

8) Virtual fantasy game also helps you to enhance the skills that help you to maintain a work-life balance and leisure time balance too.

9) Furthermore it makes match interesting as some cricket matches can be boring but you can make it interesting by fulfilling your desires and making your fantasy cricket team.

10) It requires skills and strategy, so itenhances your skills as well as your strategy and also helps you to put up your energy in a rightful place.


In addition to this, we have seen many people in the actual world not being happy with IPL teams sometimes players are auctioned into they are not so favourite team or the team is having not so their favourite players or vice versa.This app gives you a desire to choose the right team for you according to your choice,players and teams. Well! as discussed earlier this is a law-abiding game it is a real game so to give it a more actual look there are some of the rules that are to be followed in the IPL fantasy league:

1) There should be one wicketkeeper with a maximum value of four.

2) There can be three batsmen with a maximum value of six.

3) Furthermore one all-rounder with a maximum of four.

4) Three bowlers with a maximum of six.

5) Furthermore, four overseas players are allowed in this fantasy league IPL.

6) A team cannot have not more than seven players from the IPL franchise

In addition to this, there are numerous transfers opportunity available from the start of the game. Besides this, there are no restrictions of changing vice-captains or captains they can change it as many times as they want. IPL cricket fantasy league is an interesting game to get a refreshment from the hectic schedule, even if you desire to own an IPL team. It’s suitable for all but it should not be misinterpreted with the betting as it is representing India so no one would ever want that IPL fantasy league to be misinterpreted as betting.


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