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6 Tips in Selecting a Mattress That’s Right For You

6 Tips in Selecting a Mattress That's Right For You

Humans spend roughly one-third of their lives asleep. With this in mind, the daunting task of purchasing a new mattress isn’t just a want, it’s an absolute necessity. You have to think of it as a worthy investment for the next ten years or so. So now, we’re going to help you decide which mattress is best suited for your nocturnal needs and why such criteria matter.

  • Gimmick Market

It’s not uncommon to find places where mattresses are labeled as good for you in a variety of ways, even though there isn’t any particular way to label mattresses in beneficial ways. No medical group is going to label one mattress in particular as “orthopedic oriented” for someone suffering from back troubles. Best to do some research before you go out shopping.

  • Personal Weight Consideration

If you’re on the lighter side, you may find a comfy-looking pillow top a bit more cumbersome once you get it home. This is because you don’t weigh enough to make a difference in the support of the mattress. Meanwhile, if you’re on the heavy side, a pillow top provides the much needed extra cushioning for the added weight, making sleeping much more comfortable.

  • Bedding

A mattress has to match the bedding you’ve picked, especially if you pick specialized sleeping accessories such as bamboo sheets or a weighted blanket, which can hold in heat depending on their weight. With this in mind, an airier, more breathable mattress might be the best for you, since you’re less likely to overheat at night and wake up in a sweat when you should be deep in rest. 

A latex mattress is also good for such purposes. These types of bedding allow more air to flow through the mattress, preventing heat from getting trapped within and waking you up at night while your body is in the middle of cooling down.

  • Adjustable Beds

This is an increasingly popular option, especially for people who have trouble breathing at night. You can adjust the bed to better align to your spine, to elevate your heat slightly and ease your snoring, or even just to find a more comfortable position. It also helps to relieve lower back pressure from always lying horizontally, which also raises your knees up just a bit.

  • Trial Periods

If you’ve found a mattress you like, but still aren’t sure, ask about trial periods, a try before you buy segment where you can take the mattress home for up to three months and give it a test run before buying it. This allows you to see whether or not your ideal choice is actually good for you before you shell out all that money for this expensive bed. Most stores are more than happy to cooperate and will give you details about their trial plans.

  • Online Shopping

While this option has drawbacks such as not knowing the feel and quality of the product you’re getting before it reaches, shopping online has many perks. You can shop around for discount coupons. Most sites also offer free shipping on large orders and a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product — judging from its original description.


Mattress shopping is serious business, so make sure to do a lot of research before getting out there and making that impulse purchase.

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